Receiver Equipment

Thelma Biotel offers a single, modular platform with several different software and hardware options, including computer software, to suit a range of different purposes. We are happy to supply full systems with the following:

  • The TBR 700 can be used as a standalone logger unit with a battery for long term, self-sustained deployment.
  • It can also be used with an optional cable connector unit which enables real-time data access and unlimited power supply.
  • A computer interface to download, view and filter log data from coded transmitters tags.
  • Software for manual tracking, test set-ups, aquariums, etc. 
  TBR 700 TBR 700 L TBR 700 RT

Single D battery (4 months lifetime)*

DD battery (9 months lifetime)*


4D battery (18 months lifetime)*

- -

User selectable frequency

Parallel multi-frequency (update option)

New, open-source protocols

Real-time cabled data access

- -

Cabled, remote power option

- -

Signal intensity (SNR) logging

Background noise logging

Water temperature logging

Open millisecond timestamp

PinPoint positioning avialable

Active signal collision suppression

ComPort software compatible 

Predictable, constant power consumption



 * The given battery life is an estimate based on calculations and testing. The battery life is subject to variation depending on factors such as temperature and the prevalence of transmits.