Different accessories for our products can be ordered directly from Thelma Biotel, just send us an email with your request. 

TBR 700 

  • Service-kit containing replacement o-rings and the specified o-ring grease (Molycote 55)
  • Combined starter magnet and screwdriver (standard slotted) for opening the TBR 700 casing
  • Replacement battery (double D Lithium battery >35Ah with wires and connector).

    *Lithium batteries are difficult to ship, due to safety precautions and the batteries densely packed energy. In some cases batteries might therefore be obtained faster from your local battery supplier than from us.


Keep yourself updated with the latest software for downloading data from your TBR 700, communication with the cabled TBR 700 Realtime or other applications. Just contact us with your needs. 

We can also provide custom made software and features for the different tags and the receivers based on your request.