9 mm ID tags

The Thelma Biotel 9 mm acoustic transmitters are intended for use where both size, output power and long transmitting life is crucial. Manual tracking or automatic monitoring of larger salmon smolt migrating out fjords is a potential area of use. The 9 mm transmitters are delivered both as continuous pingers and ID transmitters. The customer specifies pulse delay or coded ID and type of encoding scheme, transmitting frequency and minimum and maximum random delay for ID transmitters.

Four versions of the 9 mm transmitters are available: LP9, MP9, MP9L, and HP, meaning low, medium, and high power, respectively. 

Physical properties of 9mm Acoustic Transmitters
Diameter [mm] 9 9 9
Length [mm] 24 24.4 29.4
Power output [dB re 1 uPa at 1m] 142 146 146
Weight in air 4 3.6 5.2
Weight in water 2.5 2.1 3.3



 *As batteries will vary in capasity with temperature etc, the lifetime is guaranteed to a minimum of 60% of the normal average operating time.