16 mm ID tags

The Thelma Biotel 16 mm Acoustic transmitters are available in two versions. These transmitters are intended for use where high output power and very long transmitting life is crucial. The transmitters are suited for both manual tracking and automatic monitoring of larger fish or other aquatic animals. The available transmitters are high power.

The 16 mm Acoustic Transmitters are delivered both as Continuous Pingers and ID Transmitters. The customer specifies pulse delay or coded ID and type of encoding scheme, transmitting frequency and minimum and maximum random delay for ID transmitters.

Physical properties of 16 mm Acoustic Transmitters
Diameter  [mm] 16
Length  [mm] 70
Power output [dB re 1 uPa at 1m] 158
Weight in air  [g]  29
Weight in water  [g]  14.9