Tilt / Inclinometer

The sensor measures tilt angle along the central axis of the sensor casing. With the acoustic link, it works as an underwater, wireless level-finder. We combine it with the TBR 700 wired receiver to provide instantaneous readout of tilt angle of any equipment or object under water. The product was originally developed for monitoring of submerged instruments and structures, but will work with animals as well. In combination with current sensors, the Thelma Biotel tilt sensor enables users to securely monitor the equipment to ensure and document correct installation. Wireless transfer of data from the sensor to our wired acoustic receiver offers a direct readout in degrees off level, on a computer via USB or over a standard Bluetooth connection. 

We are now producing the tilt sensor in a package called the A-HP16, a 16 mm cylindrical casing, 67 mm long. It is powered continuously and will run for 3-4 years. Range is effectively above 500 m, and can under good conditions (straight up e.g.) exceed  1 km. The current depth rating is conservative at recommended maximum of 300 m. The sensor outputs a simple number (0-180) signal corresponding to the tilt in degrees. It can be provided downscaled to our 13 mm platform, but then with reduced signal power and battery life.

For effective monitoring and documentation of correct deployment of submerged equipment, we are offering the complete system as a tailor made kit. You can see the two lower pictures to the right for details.The product is called Deckhand and comes in a plastic hardcase suitable for transport and use direclty from your vessel's dec or from the dock. The kit includes a steel fixture where the receiver is clamped on and attached to a line or wire for easy, protected and secure deployment. The receiver can then easily be brought back on deck after it has received the acoustic signal from your submerged sensor(s). The Deckhand receiver is fitted with a special firmware where the last received data can be directly transferred to and displayed on your Android smart-phone through Bluetooth - for an extremely efficient and immediate readout.