Differential pressure tag in the news

7 July, 2010

Thelma Biotel has developed an acoustic transmitter with a differential pressure sensor in cooperation with NTNU and NOFIMA Marine. In the "SmartTag project" the transmitter is mainly used to measure breathing activity of fish in captivity. NRK covered the project activity in may this year.

NRK visited Nofima to see how the reasearchers at NOFIMA used the differential pressure transmitter. The link below points to NRKs article and newsreport (both norwegian only). Øyvind Aas Hansen explains how they reduce oxygen levels or induce stress for the fish in other ways to get experience with normal/abnormal breathing activity and related parameters. Later these data can be used to detect changes in the behaviour of farmed fish and hopefully make it possible to react earlier with stress reducing or disease preventing measures.

NRK TV-report

NOFIMA has also made their own video which is more specific on how the transmitters are used in the "SmartTag project" (also in norwegian only). Link below.