New super-tiny depth tag!

30 July, 2015

Thelma Biotel now produces the popular depth and temperature tags all the way down to the size of 7,3mm x 22mm. As far as we know, this is the smallest depth tag available for bio-telemetry today. While small in size, it still boasts a very healthy lifetime of 5 months when transmitting once every minute. It weighs in at only a fraction over a gram in water and thus enables detailed research into species previously beyond reach with larger tags.

The sensor capabilities is impressive with a measurement range all the way down to 290 meters depth and the tag will survive dives down to 450 meters. Maximum error of measurement is +-50cm and the tag is capable of sensing relative changes in the range of 1cm water depth.

Coding of the transmitted data is available in the popular 69kHz R-code system as well as in other frequencies. We even make a dual frequency version specially designed for manual tracking where the tag is producing a continuous ping rate on one frequency, while the coded signal of depth and temperature is transmitted on 69kHz for standalone loggers.