Thelma Biotel Launches New Product Part Number System

20 October, 2017

Thelma Biotel recently launched a new and simple part number system for transmitters. By describing only three parameters; function, power, and size, the numbering system is now much more comprehensible. The first section describes the functions of the transmitter. For example, A indicates that the transmitter is fitted with an accelerometer, and D indicates a depth sensor. The second section describes the transmitters power and dimensions. The letters indicate the power. LP, MP, and HP stands for low, medium, and high power, respectively. If the number 2 is present in front of the power specification, it implies a higher capacity. Lastly, the number displayed after the power specifications specifies the diameter of the transmitter. An overview of all the different parameters can be seen below. 

Numbering System Parameter Options

Download the complete overview here.