PinPoint - An Extensive Positioning Service

3 November, 2017

PinPoint is a data analysis service offered by Thelma Biotel for 2D or 3D tracking of aquatic animals tagged with our transmitters. It gives extensive insight to the movement patterns of the species studied, and can be beneficial in many cases when researching life under water. The system is built on the principle of speed of sound in water, where synchronized clocks with millisecond precision and precise temperature sensors in our receivers (TBR 700) allow for extremely accurate positioning. The arrival time of each emitted signal will depend on the distance between the transmitter and the individual receivers. Given two receivers at known positions. The time difference of arrival (TDOA) can locate a transmitter into a hyperboloid. A third receiver enables the PinPoint system to identify intersections and provide position estimates when the transmitter depth is known. This allows for 3D-positioning.

A PinPoint report will give you extensive analysis of the logging conditions, the system accuracy, and a track of each tagged individual. 3D positioning will depend on whether the animal is tagged with a depth tag or not.  

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