Thelma Biotel has a focus on specialized measurement equipment (acoustic telemetry) for use in the aquaculture, fisheries and nature research. Acoustic biotelemetry is a technique where miniaturized sensors and transmitters are attached to animals (fish, reptiles, marine mammals etc)  and thus allows the researcher or operator a unique insight into the animals behavior or migration pattern. The sensor equipment has long active lifetime thanks to ultra-low power components and the sensors are very small (down to 7,3x18mm and 1,9g). These features combined with the wireless nature of acoustic telemetry makes our products well suited for wireless measurement on submerged equipment as well as animals.

Thelma Biotel has a wide range of acoustic transmitters, sensors and receiver equipment. We take pride in a constant development and improvement of our products, and we will also participate in development projects where new and specialized equipment is needed.

We make the fish talk to you!


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