We are hiring: Customer Support and Project lead

14. February 2024

We are looking for a dedicated customer support, a team player who can continue to develop the close and personal collaboration with users of our technology across multiple markets. You will be part of the sales and support team where we respond to inquiries and work every day to provide market leading service based on […]

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We are hiring: Managing director

12. February 2024

Ten years have passed since Erik Høy took over the helm at Thelma Biotel. Significant company growth and development have been pushed under his leadership, and the company is now in a stable and favorable position for further development. As he moves on, Biotel needs a new leader! The person we are looking for has […]

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Investigating the aquatic ecosystems in the Chic-Choc mountains

9. February 2024

Previously, there has been a lack of focus on the freshwater lakes and rivers within the Chic-Choc Mountain range, situated on the Gaspésie Peninsula in southeastern Quebec. With this information gap, it becomes challenging to predict the effects of future climate change on the ecosystems in the area. Luckily, Catherine Lambert and Louise Chaverie have […]

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Have you found yourself wondering what a digital receiver is lately?

11. December 2023

Over 10 exiting years with digital receivers! Learn more here: Thelma Biotel has made digital receivers for over 10 years, where both the older TBR 700 and the new TBR 800 family are digital. Follow us through this short article to learn more about the digital receiver technology. TBR 800 is a digital receiver, what […]

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ETN Issues Call for Researchers: Join Forces for Aquatic Animal Telemetry Data Collaboration in STRAITS Project

24. November 2023

ETN Issues Call for Researchers: Join Forces for Aquatic Animal Telemetry Data Collaboration   The European Tracking Network (ETN) has issued a global call for researchers to collaborate on a pioneering initiative to monitor aquatic animal movements across vital European locations. While the ETN database already contains a substantial number of tagging projects, several past […]

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Revealing the hidden world of the small spotted catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula): investigating behaviour and spatial ecology using acoustic telemetry

2. November 2023

In a recent study, scientists from Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas, CSIC, Spain, investigated the spatial ecology of the small spotted catshark using acoustic telemetry. The study took place at the Cìes Islands, located north-west off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The findings revealed substantial variations in spatial behaviour influenced significantly by both living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors at different timescales.

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Ensuring Optimal Performance: TBR Receiver and O-ring Maintenance

25. September 2023

In the world of aquatic research and tracking, properly updated and functioning equipment is crucial to delivering the most accurate data. To ensure that your acoustic telemetry systems perform optimally, regular maintenance is essential. This can either be done on-site, or the receivers can be delivered to Thelma Biotel for regular service and performance check. […]

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The return of the iconic Atlantic Bluefin tuna

2. August 2023

Photo credit: Kim Birnie-Gauvin Written by: Hilde Johannesen A few years ago, the iconic Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus; ABFT) returned to Scandinavian waters after being absent for approximately half a century. Due to the species’ high economic value worldwide, the fishing pressure has largely exceeded that of a sustainable catch in recent decades, resulting […]

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Live tracking of fish with Link LoRa at Hellstranda, Norway

25. May 2023

Written by: Hilde Johannesen Scientists at the NTNU science museum have, in collaboration with Nye Veier (New roads) and Rambøll, installed a Link LoRa network at Hellstranda in Stjørdal, Norway, to investigate the new road buildouts’ effect on the resident fish populations. Adult sea trout have been tagged and recorded in real-time with the help […]

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ICFT 2023 – Setè, France

11. May 2023

Thelma Biotel are very happy to announce that we will be at the ICFT 2023 International Conference on Fish Telemetry in Setè, France in june. Do not hesitate to come over for a chat to discuss how our aquatic telemetry solutions can benefit your current or future projects.

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