Download the new LiveView software update – v4.1.0.

29. August 2022

LiveView v4.1.0 is now available to complete the new software package updates. With LiveView you unlock the latest updates of embedded power from your hardware. Take a look at the highlights below and enjoy the enhanced user experience of TBR handling!


New and improved features:

  1. LiveView is optimized to run on the waterproof tablet computer in the DeckBox field kit, operating the TB Live dunking hydrophone/transceiver.
  2. You can now run multiple receiver questioning, distance ranging and acoustic release directly through LiveView

▪ Broadcast query to multiple deployed devices enables you to communicate effectively and securely where you have several receivers within range of your DecBox surface unit. Or actively identify and regain control where deployed receivers have been moved or otherwise lost control of position and which unit is where.

  1. Acoustic questioning works on all TBR 800 receivers running the new firmware. The updated firmware is embedded in the LiveView software, ready for a free upgrade.
  2. Added acoustic messaging and distance ranging functionality
    ▪ Range is calculated accurately using speed of sound

▪ Single query to single device and a looping option which automatically goes through a series of queries to acquire comprehensive receiver status data.

  1. Added acoustic release functionality
    ▪ Simply choose the TBR serial number and frequency from a drop-down list, easy and secure recovery of deployed TBR 800 Release units.
  2. Added toolbar in Live Data feed
    ▪ Screenshot of the signal graph, pause, sound output on/off, and frequency.
  3. Added automatic background storing of detections and sensor logs as both CSV and TBRARW files.


Email us at to receive the newest version for free.

For more information about the new features, please read the included changelog for the new software in the updated download file.