ETN Issues Call for Researchers: Join Forces for Aquatic Animal Telemetry Data Collaboration in STRAITS Project

24. November 2023
ETN Issues Call for Researchers: Join Forces for Aquatic Animal Telemetry Data Collaboration
The European Tracking Network (ETN) has issued a global call for researchers to collaborate on a pioneering initiative to monitor aquatic animal movements across vital European locations. While the ETN database already contains a substantial number of tagging projects, several past and present studies have yet to be included. ETN is reaching out to researchers who have not yet participated in their data collaboration to expand the database.

As an acoustic telemetry developer, Thelma Biotel is excited to contribute to this groundbreaking effort. We encourage researchers to join ETN in building a comprehensive dataset inventory, a critical step towards understanding fish migration and ecology in Europe and worldwide.
The aquatic animal tracking research community presents STRAITS, a new infrastructure collaboration established to monitor animal movements at four key locations in Europe (the Danish Straits, the North Channel, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Strait of Bosphorus and Dardanelles).

In this project, ETN aims to collect information about present and past projects in Europe and the technologies employed in them, creating a project inventory that will help further understand the broader scope of aquatic telemetry in Europe. To achieve this, ETN is reaching out to you, researchers, to help create a dataset inventory that gathers this information. Supported by the collaboration of researchers in Europe and worldwide, STRAITS will provide a robust understating of aquatic animal movements in Europe and abroad.

Join in shaping the future of aquatic telemetry. Contact ETN to contribute to the STRAITS project, where collaborative efforts will drive unprecedented advancements in marine research. Find out how it will benefit the researcher’s community and every local project involved in the network.