Install the new version of the ComPort software v4.0.0.

19. August 2022

We are happy to announce the release of the new ComPort v4.0.0. ComPort v4.0.0 includes several additions and changes to enhance the user experience of TBR handling. For the full benefit of embedded features the new LiveView software will be out next week to complete the package. Please view the following highlights!

New and improved features: 

1. Embedded firmware for TBR 800 (all units), supporting two-way communication with deployed receivers e.g.

▪ Broadcast mode identifies all receivers within reach.  
▪ Easy drop-down menu for further communication with receivers.  
▪ Ability to choose an undisturbed frequency for remote communication with deployed receivers. 

2. Auto-transfer feature for efficient data transfer in the field – saves a lot of clicks!  
Now slips back to standard operation after 24 hours if not turned off manually.

3. Extended support for .tbrarw-files directly in ComPort, a secure file format for data sharing to tracking networks.

4. Data measurements supported by TBR 800 can now be viewed in standard ComPort and requested remotely.  
▪ TBR battery power [V]  
▪ Motor battery power [V] (for acoustic release module) 
▪ Tilt [°]  
▪ TBR current [mA] 
Continuously recorded background/peak acoustic noise 
▪ Water temperature [°C] 

5. Sync/Reference Transmit is supported by TBR 800 and can be configured in ComPort.  
▪ Transmit frequency can be set to any one of the receivers listening channels. 
▪ Output power and transmit interval is set in ComPort.

6. Exporting and filtering data is now even more efficient with accelerated database handling! 

Email us at to receive the newest version for free.  


Check out the new version of LiveView here.