New Version of ComPort – OPi/OPs Compatible

4. November 2020

ComPort v3.1.2

An updated version of ComPort is released, where the changes relate to the newly launched open protocols, OPi and OPs. To obtain the newest version of ComPort, send an e-mail to, and you will receive an autoreply with instructions on how to download and install it. If you have ComPort v3.0.0, you will get a notification that there is a new version of ComPort and new firmware available in the configuration window, as seen below. 

Changes include:

– New firmware for all TBR 700 receivers. The new firmware allows the receivers to listen for OPi and OPs protocols. 

– The possibility to configure all updated TBR 700 receivers to listen for OPi/OPs protocols, in addition to all previous protocols, as seen in the image below. 

– When data is transferred from a receiver to ComPort, a .tbrarw file is generated and stored in parallel to the .tbdb file on your computer. The .tbrarw file can be uploaded to the European Tracking Network’s (ETN) database. For more information, see the “Secure RAW Data Format Guide”.