The DeckBox is a multipurpose topside field kit used for manual logging of acoustic transmitters, retrieval for the TBR 800 Release and deployed TBR 800 status checks. It consists of the TB Live, a multi-frequency transceiver, and the Link BT, a digital logger that stores the data and transfers it to a computer via Bluetooth. The DeckBox is equipped with a tablet computer in a waterproof casing, allowing for flexible, real-time interactions with deployed equipment using our free software, LiveView. The graphical interface of received signals lets you operate effortlessly in noisy environments, or without disturbing your colleagues with ping sounds and white noise.


The DeckBox is designed with ruggedness and flexibility in mind. The water-resistant field case is made to withstand harsh environments out at sea. The detachable tablet communicates via Bluetooth connection and comes with Windows 11 for flexibility in software. It comes in an IP-67 certified waterproof case for maximum protection and resilience in use in the field.



The Live is a multi-frequency transceiver which operate in the 63-77 kHz range with precise millisecond timestamping, also allowing to be used in setups for fine-scale positioning. Live offers the flexibility of combined transmitting and receiving, allowing retrieval of TBR 800 Release, and remote questioning of deployed TBR 800. The receiver’s compact and rugged form factor allows for installation in rough environments where space may be limited while also keeping the sensitive acoustic element protected. Live is designed with a strong emphasis on low power consumption such that it may operate directly on your field laptop or for months on small battery packs. The Deck Box field kit comes with the Live with a fixed 5 m cable.



Link BT (Bluetooth) is a head unit for Live, a digital topside unit and a batterybank. Use the Live with the Link BT to maximize the flexibilityin fieldwork. The Link BT stores the data and powers the Live. It comes with either Bluetooth or LoRaWAN communication forlive data access, allowing for a combined submerged and topsidesystem. It can also operate standalone to log data for periodicoffload.






To gain the most from the DeckBox Field Kit, we recommend using our free software LiveView. LiveView is the Live tracking software delivered by Thelma Biotel for effortless, live updates sent directly to your topside unit. The newest software version of LiveView comes with a range of new functions for a better user experience with the Thelma Biotel receivers and transmitters. LiveView is optimized to run on the waterproof tablet computer in the DeckBox field kit, operating the Live dunking transceiver. To download the newest version of LiveView, simply send an email to



Running LiveView, the DeckBox can perform two-way communication with remotely deployed TBR 800s and TBR 800 Release. Live, via LiveView, can request specific status updates from remote receivers such as acoustic noise, battery status, tilt, TBR release information and more. For an easier retrieval of receivers, Live can send the release command directly to the TBR 800 Release from the topside unit. When the receiver has successfully been released, continuous, live ranging is automatically initiated to keep track of the released unit. With the graphical interface, the DeckBox is great for securely starting and stopping transmitters. The Link and Live can be left to operate detached, for keeping track of your fish in recovery tanks, while you keep the display close to your workstation. The Link BT can run on Lithium batteries but is delivered with a holder for standard AA dry cell batteries. These will keep the Link and Live running steady for days. For more detailed information about LiveView, and its functions, refer to the LiveView Fact sheet.