DeckBox product description

The DeckBox is a multipurpose topside unit used for manual logging of acoustic transmitters and retrieval and status checks for the TBR 800 Release. It consists of the TB Live, a multi-frequency hydrophone, and the TB Link, a digital logger that stores the data and transfers it to a computer via Bluetooth. The DeckBox is equipped with a tablet in a waterproof casing, allowing for real-time interactions with deployed equipment.

Flexible and rugged design

DeckBox is designed with ruggedness and flexibility in mind. The water-resistant field case is made of hard plastic to withstand harsh environments out at sea. The tablet, a Microsoft GO, comes with Windows 10 for flexibility in software. It comes in an IP-67 certified waterproof case for maximum protection. To avoid any probability of water entering the electric devices, the tablet and the hydrophone connect using Bluetooth and work seamlessly together to obtain real-time data from the sea. The TB Live normally comes with a fixed 5 m cable. It can also be delivered with a 30 cm cable with SubConn connectors, allowing for flexibility in cable lengths to meet the needs of any task.

TB Live + TB Link

The TB Live is a digital multi-frequency acoustic receiver that spans 63kHz through 77kHz with precise millisecond timestamping, allowing for fine-scale positioning. It immediately relays acoustic detections to the surface using the robust and versatile industrial standard RS-485. The receiver’s compact and rugged form factor allows for installation in rough environments where space may be limited while also keeping the sensitive acoustic element protected. TB Live is designed with a strong emphasis on low power consumption such that it may operate directly on your field laptop or for months and years on small battery packs.

By utilizing an advanced digital signal processing unit, the receiver can offer maximum reception and flexibility. The processing algorithm dynamically adjusts to maintain high acoustic performance even in noisy environments. The digital signal processing and a broad-range acoustic element enable the unit to be configured for operation at multiple frequency channels simultaneously. Multifrequency ability significantly reduces the problem of signal collisions in densely populated settings. The algorithm also further reduces signal collision events by singling out the strongest when multiple signals are present.

Use the TB Live with the TB Link to maximize the potential of the system. The TB Link is a topside unit that stores the data and powers the TB Live. It comes with either Bluetooth or LoRaWAN communication, allowing for great flexibility in the applications of TB Live.