Link LoRa product description

Link LoRa is a receiver system designed to deliver real-time data in remote areas with limited access to power. It is used with the TB Live, an acoustic hydrophone designed to receive data from wireless sensor transmitters. The Link LoRa can transmit data to a central gateway 3-5 km away and has an ultra-low power consumption, where it only needs DD cell batteries to operate 4-5 months at a time. The gateway needs to have access to power and the internet, for example, 4G or wired internet, whereas the Link LoRa can transmit to the gateway without having access to that type of infrastructure. The Link LoRa can be used with our transmitters, transmitters from other manufacturers using open protocols, and the TB Live.

Low power consumption
Long range
Real-time monitoring at remote sites
Remote access
Battery operated
Standardized protocols
Custom user interface

Durable Design

The Link LoRa is robust in its design and can be used in lakes, rivers, fjords, or the ocean. Precision milled Delrin© is used in the pressure hull and battery compartment to ensure maximum ruggedness. To provide the means for a secure attachment during deployment, we have put in two deep grooves and a hole through the bottom. All means for fastening is placed in the bottom half of the Link LoRa and this way, the batteries can be replaced while the unit is still attached to its fixture. The hull is fitted with a stainless steel threaded bolt, making it easy and effortless to open and close, with a standard screwdriver – or even a coin.


The Internet of Fish, or IoF, is Thelma Biotel’s interface for Link LoRa, designed to visualize data in real-time. It is custom made for every project, adapting and optimizing the filters and plots to suit the needs of the customer.