• Complete clean-up after receiver deployment
  • Sleek profile that minimizes current drag
  • Reduced the chance of entanglements
  • Environmentally friendly solution for acoustic tracking


The MRS (Mooring recovery system) consists of a single spherical buoy that fits over the receiver and provides the buoyancy to let it rise efficiently to the surface once the release mechanism is triggered. The buoy is made of a rugged polyethylene shell filled with synthetic foam tailored to the required depth. The foam backing ensures the float will never puncture and lose its positive buoyancy, implode, or crumble from the sustained pressure. It will neither soak over time nor carry pressure to the surface. It has a bright yellow color to make it easy to spot at sea. The buoy is designed to flip 180° at the surface for better visibility and to keep the transducer submerged for acoustic ranging.

Mooring Recovery System with TBR 800 Release seconds after being released, heading for the surface.


  • Use with TBR 800 release to recover all deployed receiver components
  • Deployment in areas with high surface current and traffic
  • Where equipment needs to be secured to the bottom and is easily spotted

Safe recovery

The MRS allows the user to safely call up the TBR 800 Release without fear of pulling away from the current. The rope secures it to the mooring while on the surface, and the rope can then be used to winch up the mooring, clean up after deployment, and recover all components. The single, spherical buoy over the tubular rope drum secures a minimum of current drag and minimizes possible entanglement points. The lowered risk of entanglement comes in handy when operating in areas where fishers deploy nets, loose kelp, and other debris carried over the bottom by a current. Two versions of the rope drum are available. The large unit has 150 m of rope capacity, and the smaller unit has a current drag profile and up to 75 m rope capacity.

Mooring recovery system options

Standard MRS setup

Max recommended depth: 100 m

Max recommended rope length in canister: 150 m

Rope type: Dyneema 4 mm


Low profile canister MRS

Max recommended depth: 50 m

Max recommended rope length in canister: 75 m

Rope type: Dyneema 4 mm

Buoyancy buoy only: Without the MRS rope canister

“What if I want to deploy my TBRs deeper than 100 m?”

We recommend using a buoy only for depths larger than 100 m due to the risk of rope entanglement.

Use only the buoy to slip over the TBR 800 or TBR 800 Release for ascending assistance. The perfectly fitted and failsafe buoyancy ensures that TBR 800 standalone receivers and TBR 800 Release are kept in position during deployment. Easy to spot on the surface and minimal rigging.

Max depth options:

  • Max 100 m
  • Max 250 m

Other depth options are available on request