The TBR 700 RT, RT standing for “real time”, allows for a live data feed for manual tracking. For users wanting the ability of real time data access and manual tracking, this is available through an optional cable connector module. This way the data can be accessed continously through internet or local network solutions. The TBR 700 RT will communicate through the standard RS485 protocol which supports long cable lengths and offers great stability. With a four wire connection the receiver is supplied with power through the cable while it maintains secure operation with an internal battery in case of instability in the remote power supply. All data is stored locally as well as it is transferred through the wire connection. The connectors used in the TBR 700 RT are high quality, rugged, wet-pluggable connectors for trouble free operation and reliability.

Due to the TBR 700 flexible and modular design, your existing TBR 700s in the standalone version can be returned to Thelma Biotel and upgraded to real-time cabled system for a fee and the price of the involved parts. After upgrading/converting the receivers they can still be used as standalone receivers, just by adding a dummy plug to the connector.

The TBR 700 RT is a great tool in aquaculture systems where the availability of real-time data is of key value. The cabled receiver provides the operator with direct data access to the fish cages, at all times.

To make the most out of the TBR 700 RT, we have developed the TBR LiveView software. Contact us for more information.