The TBR 800 Release Deep version has a motor-driven, remote-operated release function 3x stronger compared to the standard Release. The increase in power ensures a generous force surplus to safely complete the release under great water pressure conditions. The release command is sent as acoustic signals from the DeckBox Live transceiver. The Directional Amplifier field kit is a suitable accessory for a strong, and reliable communication under difficult conditions. The release battery recharges through the main battery and does not need to be replaced.


  • Safe and dependable release function for deeper deployment
  •  Three times more powerful motor for release function
  • Extended range communication capacity with Directional Amplifier kit
  • Suitable with load-bearing release frames for heavy mooring manipulation


  • Deployments at 200-750 meters water depth
  • Deeper and more inaccessible deployments
  • Heavier applications, in combination with a release frame