The technology basis for our products date back to work done in the scientific and university environment at NTH and SINTEF in the early seventies and has been commercially available through the company Thelma from 2002. From 2008, biotelemetry has been further developed within the company Thelma Biotel with a sole purpose of delivering solutions for acoustic telemetry. A key factor in Thelma Biotel success is the ability to understand and develop specialized solutions to meet the researchers ever changing needs.


A major part of Thelma Biotel’s activities consists of participation in research where we develop tailor made technology adaptations. Thelma Biotel can provide:


  • Development of customer specified acoustic transmitters, with or without sensors
  • Development of tailor made firmware for our receivers, to meet special needs (special codes, sensor values, acoustic noise values, signal strength calculations, data interface protocols etc.)
  • Development of special codes or transmits of sensor data, packed and transmitted to suit your needs. Statistical calculations and data analysis within the tags, packing and transmitting logged data.
  • Advising deployment setups, receiver equipment and tag types/specifications for acoustic studies
  • Hard-wired “tags” and data storage solutions for evaluation of new sensors and measuring methods as a part of developing new acoustic sensor transmitters or as specialized solutions.


Please contact us for further information, and to learn more about fish telemetry.