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Upload, view and analyse your tracking data quickly and easily with Thelma Biotel’s software, ComPort. By using the built in Bluetooth connection on the TBR 800, uploading substantial amounts of data is seamless and fast. With ComPort’s many viewing options, visualizing and understanding your tracking data is easier than ever.


Upload data

Upload your data to the computer with the push of a button. By using the built in Bluetooth in the TBR and the automatic detection in ComPort, importing data is done quickly and effortlessly. If there is no Bluetooth available, it is always possible to upload data using USB.

Project Configurations

Configuring your receivers to the desired settings is easily done using ComPort. In the configuration window, you can set the receiver listening frequency, automatic clock synchronization, logging interval, etc. This can be saved as a project setting, so that you do not have to repeat the procedure for each receiver. This makes sure that all receivers in the project has the same settings. If a receiver does not comply with the project settings, ComPort will alert you, allowing for you to make a change before deployment.

Data Insight

Project views

In ComPort you can separate and save various views and filter settings, allowing for multiple windows in the same project. This is an advantage when analysing different areas of the same data set, without having to move back and forth from the filter or window you are currently studying.


Filtering is fast and easy in ComPort. You can choose to filter on ID, receiver number, time, and code types. The filtering options are available on the right-hand side at all times, both in table and plot view, allowing for quick adjustments. The number of data points on each transmitter and detections on each receiver is also displayed in the filtering list, making it easy to determine which data sets might be interesting to take an extra look at.

Data plots and tables

ComPort offers various data plots including tag data, tag IDs, TBR IDs, signal to noise ratio, background noise, temperature, etc. The plots can be viewed with up to 10 000 data points per page, giving a good overview of large amounts of data. The quick filters allow for easy switching between tags and receivers to get a better picture of individual data sets. Zooming in and out is efficient by scrolling the mouse wheel. The data can also be displayed in table view, where data can be sorted in various parameters.

Download and installation

To download ComPort, email us at For questions or other enquiries about ComPort, contact us at