Current version: v4.1.5. To download the newest version, contact us at

Screenshot of Thelma Biotel software LiveView v4.1.3


LiveView is the Live tracking and data visualization software delivered by Thelma Biotel. It provides live streaming of acoustic data to your computer or with the Deckbox field kit. LiveView is used as a visual reference when starting and stopping transmitters, for manual tracking, communicating with deployed TBR family receivers and calling up acoustic releases.

Visual Interface

LiveView is optimized to run on the waterproof tablet computer in the DeckBox field kit, operating the TB Live dunking hydrophone/transceiver. Graphical interface of received signals lets you operate effortlessly in noisy environments, or without disturbing your colleagues with ping sounds and white noise.


Receiver questioning, distance ranging and acoustic release

LiveView can perform two-way communication with remotely deployed TBR 800s running firmware or newer. This enables the retrieval of information from remote TBR such as acoustic noise, battery status, number of detections and more. The range is calculated using the speed of sound, and fresh-/seawater templates are easily available and can be modified in LiveView for more accurate range calculations.

Three different communication modes available

Single request to a single device

This mode sends and receives information to/from a specific TBR.

 Broadcast request to multiple devices

Sends one request to all devices in the area, and all TBRs within range will randomly reply within the next 5 minutes. This enables you to communicate effectively and securely where you have several receivers within range of your DecBox surface unit. Or actively identify and regain control of where deployed receivers have been moved or lost control of position and which unit is where.


The looping mode automatically sends and receives larger chunks of information to/from a specific TBR through a series of messages.

Live Data

Through the connect window in the top left, you can easily view which units are available to connect (TB Deckbox, TBR 800 units). The “Live Data feed” is visualized by a colour coded graph, allowing you to distinguish signals on different frequencies. The toolbar in Live Data feed includes buttons for screenshots of the signal graph, pause, sound output on/off, and frequency. LiveView has automatic background storing of detections and sensor logs. Incoming detections are automatically saved in both CSV and TBRARW.

Acoustic Release

Choose the TBR serial number and frequency from a drop-down list for an easy and secure recovery of deployed TBR 800 Release units. The TBR Release can be asked for release information before you send the release command. This allows you to check the status of the submerged receiver before release. When the “Send release command” is pressed, a double set of key/trigger codes are sent to ensure the message is received. Continuous live ranging is activated when the TBR has been released, providing continuous updates on the estimated distance between the TBR unit and the TB Live transceiver.

Acoustic Messaging

LiveView allows you to retrieve status updates from deployed TBR 800 receivers using two-way communication.

Available status updates:

  • Tilt angle
  • Motor battery voltage
  • Release module status
  • Main battery voltage
  • Water temperature
  • TBR 800 firmware version
  • Number of detections
  • Number of TBR Sensor Logs
  • Average acoustic noise
  • Peak acoustic noise

Metadata mapping

The metadata mapping function allows you to upload a “key” to convert the generic tranmitted data values from sensors to the actual values in your preffered unit of measurement. For example, getting a temperature transmitted data value of 180 with the metadata mapping for converting sensor values will convert it and display data as 18 degrees celcius. LiveView also makes a .csv output file which includes the converted values with units.

Download and installation

To download LiveView, email us at For questions or other enquiries about LiveView, contact us at