TBR 700 Real Time for manual tracking

23. January 2018

Did you know that if you have a field laptop or a tablet running a windows operating system, all you need for manual tracking is the TBR 700 RT (Real Time) receiver, which can easily be connected to your laptop/tablet using USB?

TBR 700 RT manual tracking live view software

Tracking is efficient using the TBR Live View software, which provides big and readable live data and transmitter history logs. Based on a simple setup file, you get the data displayed directly with the correct scaling and annotation. The live data provides information such as sensor data, ID number, frequency and signal to noise ratio (SNR) from the transmitters. Data displayed from the receiver includes temperature and background noise. In addition to an adaptable audio signal, the green bar at the bottom of TBR Live View displays the signal strength. The data logged can be seen in the window on the right, and it can also be uploaded to ComPort for further analysis.