Thelma Biotel Tags in BBC‘s “Animals With Cameras”

12. October 2018

The ocean houses some of the worlds most fascinating species, and the devil rays are one of them. Capable of swimming down to depths of 2000 m in the matter of minutes, and jumping over 3 meters up in the air, the devil rays are proven to one of the fastest divers and the highest flyers in the ocean.

A team of researchers from IMAR Institute of Marine Research in the Azores teamed up with BBC to find out why the devil rays gather at the Princess Alice Sea Bank in the Azores once a year. They documented their behaviour by attaching cameras to them, which later turned into a part of the 3 series program “Animals with Cameras”. Thelma Biotel depth and temperature tags were attached to the specially made “backpacks” used to temporarily mount the cameras to the rays.

See the full episode here (available in Norway only), or check out some clips from BBC here.

Photos by Jorge Fontes