Tiny just got tinier

7. June 2018

After a busy spring, it is time to point our resources towards exploring new ways to improve our existing products and develop new technology. We always strive to optimize our transmitters and receiver systems, pushing boundaries in the technology and keeping a close eye on quality and function. There has been a lot of “invisible” changes lately such as firmware updates, allowing for more functions, tag reprogramming ability, extended battery life, and much more.

This time, we have looked at how we can improve the size of the product without compromising things such as battery life or transmit power. Our most size sensitive transmitters, the 7 mm tags, now have a 5% reduced length and 10% reduced weight, from shedding 1 mm in total length. It might seem little, but as the tags are relatively tiny already, that 10% reduced weight can be that little difference which ensures objectivity in your juvenile fish studies.