The Thelma Biotel 16 mm Acoustic transmitters are available in low power (LP) and high power (HP) versions. These transmitters are intended for use where high output power and very long transmitting life is crucial. The transmitters are suited for both manual tracking and automatic monitoring of larger fish or other aquatic animals. They are also perfect for tracking different types of gear and can be delivered with all the different sensor options we carry.

Speciality orders of the 16mm transmitters can be available with increased pressure tolerances (2000m) and with holes for external fitting to larger animals like bluefin tuna, ocean sunfish and various sharks and rays.

The 16 mm Acoustic Transmitters are delivered in all different transmit protocols. Suitable for different applications and compatible with other manufacturers’ receiver systems through Open Protocol.

Physical Properties of HP16Transmitter
Diameter [mm] 16
Length [mm] 70
Power output [dB re 1 uPa at 1m] 158
Weight in air [g] 29
Weight in water [g] 14.9
Estimated Battery Life for 16 mm Transmitters
Transmit Inteval [sec] HP16
30 32 months
60 62 months
90 89 months
120 114 months