The Thelma Biotel 7.3 mm Acoustic Transmitter was originally designed for use with salmon smolt and is perfectly suited for small species where size is a limiting factor. The transmitter is suited for both manual tracking and automatic monitoring. The 7.3 mm transmitter has enabled researchers to study migration of wild Atlantic salmon smolt down to 13.5 cm in length and for periods in some cases up to one year of tag lifetime. It can be delivered both as Continuous Pingers and as ID Transmitters. The customer specifies pulse delay or coded ID, type of encoding, transmitting frequency and the average delay for ID transmitters. The tags are not just compatible with our own receivers, but can operate on standard code-sets (69 kHz) used by other equipment producers.

Physical Properties of LP7 Transmitter
LP7 2LP7 MP7
Diameter [mm] 7.3 7.3 7.3
Length [mm] 17 23.2 20.6
Power output [dB re 1 uPa at 1m] 139 139 141
Weight in air [g] 1.8 2.7 2.3
Weight in water [g] 1.1 1.8 1.5
Estimated Battery Life for 7 mm Transmitters
Transmit Inteval [sec] LP7 2LP7 MP7
30 101 days 6 months 69 days
60 152 days 11 months 122 days
90 7 months 14 months 5 months
120 8 months 16 months 6 months