Ensuring Optimal Performance: TBR Receiver and O-ring Maintenance

25. September 2023

In the world of aquatic research and tracking, properly updated and functioning equipment is crucial to delivering the most accurate data. To ensure that your acoustic telemetry systems perform optimally, regular maintenance is essential. This can either be done on-site, or the receivers can be delivered to Thelma Biotel for regular service and performance check. Periodic maintenance of your Thelma Biotel receivers will ensure the continued lifetime of your products and the safety of your data.
The following steps will take you through the general maintenance procedure for all Thelma Biotel receivers:
General receiver maintenance:
Follow these steps for regular receiver maintenance:
  1. Cleaning: Excessive biofouling can get caught in the seals when replacing batteries, potentially causing leaks. Keep receivers clean with a soft brush or a non-abrasive scrubber.
  2. Visual inspection: Examine the receiver and its seals for damage, corrosion and cracks.
  3. Battery: Replace batteries according to the battery manufacturer`s recommendations. Dispense used batteries according to local regulations.
  4. Drying agent: Replace drying agent (silica gel packs) when replacing batteries.
  5. Firmware updates: Ensure your receiver is running on the newest firmware for optimal performance.
  6. Acoustic signal check: The acoustic receiver transducer functionality can be inspected in several ways. A simple tap with your finger to the top of the receiver should show a strong signal in the LiveView plot. When you deliver the receiver for service and maintenance to Thelma Biotel, more extensive acoustic signal tests are performed.
O-ring maintenance:
  1. Inspection: Regularly check the O-rings for cracks, dirt/fibers, deformities, or signs of wear. To check if the O-rings are deformed, roll the O-ring gently between your fingers, to check it is no longer completely round. If the O-ring feels square, or you can feel edges, please replace it.
  2. Lubrication: Apply a compatible silicone or Teflon lubricant to O-rings before sealing to prevent damage during assembly.
  3. Seal replacement: If you see any issues or damage on your O-rings, please replace them to avoid water leakage in your receivers.
  4. Replace O-rings regularly: Due to wear and tear, it is important to replace the O-rings regularly for optimal performance and sealing abilities of the TBR receivers. The O-rings are standard items. Please contact us for details if you would like to purchase your own O-rings, or order O-ring kits directly from us.
    NB: Some O-rings are difficult to inspect and replace. Replacement of these are part of the “Thelma Biotel Receiver Service and Performance Check”.
Thelma Biotel Receiver Service and Performance Check:
The Thelma Biotel Service and Performance Checks include complete O-ring replacement and seal inspection, replacement of drying agent, lubrication, firmware update, and complete performance testing. Please contact Thelma Biotel at mail@thelmabiotel.com to set up a service and performance check for your receivers.
Thelma Biotel Receiver service kits:
Thelma Biotel is always committed to deliver the best possible support for researchers in their quest for knowledge. For a more comprehensive maintenance, we deliver service kits containing O-rings and drying agent.
We also deliver the possibility to send receivers to our lab for maintenance with an additional functionality – and detection sensitivity control. With these streamlined solutions, we can fit whatever maintenance needs you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about TBR Receiver maintenance.